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Insights and knowledge about the Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) was founded in 1864. Today, it is the largest licensed financial and banking institution in the UK. RBC Wealth Management involves venture goods and services for specific investors. RBC Capital Markets for International Investment Banking Services. Financial and investor services provide custody and cash management services to international clients. Royal Bank is a public company listed under the RY symbol on the Toronto, New York, and SIX Swiss Stock Exchanges.

Recent history

In 2001, RBC learned Centura Banks Inc. for $ 2.3 billion and retitled RBC Centura. This gave the company a bank attendance with $ 11.5 billion in money in the southeastern United States and 246 branches primarily in Carolina and Virginia. However, the alliance and organization of the firm produced difficulties, especially after the 2008 financial disaster and the failure of the US real estate and mortgage markets. Royal Bank abandoned its US trade banking development plan in 2011, after marketing RBC Centura to US bank PNC Financial Facilities for $ 3,622 million.

Royal Bank has also obvious to emphasis on consolidation asset organization. The bank applied the policy in Philips, a private asset organization firm, North in Hager & Vancouver, and in 2008 when it purchased $ 110.5 billion in properties under an organization. Internationally, the bank bought BlueBay Asset Management from London for $ 1.566 billion in 2010 and managed $ 40 billion of extra assets. When these two objects were complex with RBC Mutual Fund, a bank asset organization lesser, Royal Bank became Canada’s main asset and Mutual Fund Management Company and became one of the world’s top 50 asset managers by advantage.  

Headquarters Of RBC

Royal Bank of Canada’s first headquarters was at Merchant’s Bank of Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, from 1864 to 1907. Bank headquarters relocated to a four-pillar building in Montreal, Quebec in 1907. Traveled to the city until 1928 and moved to the Royal Bank Tower (formerly known as the Royal Bank Building). In 1962, RBC relocated its headquarters to Place Ville-Marie, Montreal. In 1976, Royal Bank Plaza was built in Toronto, Ontario, and the bank chose to split its administrative functions into two locations. Management of non-bank functions such as Capital Markets, Dexia, and Dominion Securities. Wealth Management remained at Place Ville Marie, while bank management and headquarters moved to the newly built Royal Bank Plaza one of the major bank-owned insurance suppliers in Canada.

Advantages of RBC Group:

Here is a list of RBC Group benefits.

  • Improve productivity: By increasing employee attention and concentration, you can spend less time worrying and dealing with finances at work. With easy access to expert financial advice, employees are confident that they will meet future savings goals.
  • Reduce absenteeism: Fewer days of illness and mental health, financial stress reduces overall leisure and a more productive and productive workforce. Our team provides professional and professional support to workplace employees and employees in selected locations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Increase retention: Retain the best employees through a wealth of savings plans and other financial solutions to help you save money today and prepare for the future.
  • Attract great talent: Enhance the overall employee benefits package by providing a competitive advantage in hiring new employees. Plus, special offers allow staff to earn up to $ 525 worth of valuable RBC Rewards points on gift cards.

RBC Bank facts

RBC Bank refers to the Royal Bank of Canada. RBC has the largest banking assets in Canada, calculated in 2013, and has broad leadership in the financial services sector. The bank also has a number of subsidiaries, all of which operate under the RBC core brand. Here are some facts:

  • RBC has more than 15 million clients worldwide, including individuals, commercial, public sector and institutional investors, and is one of the leading diversified financial services companies in North America.
  • In 1920, the RBC made its first donation to the Canadian Forest Association for Environment and Conservation.
  • In 2013, RBC was ranked the 11th largest bank in the world with operations in 46 countries. The survey was based on market capitalization.
  • RBC offers employment to over 80,000 people worldwide, including full-time and part-time employees.
  • In terms of properties and prosperity organization, Royal Bank of Canada ranks among the top six worldwide quality managers.
  • Royal Bank specializes in global custody, fund management, and providing asset services to institutional investors, making it one of the top 10 custodian banks to offer integrated clients.
  • Royal Bank also offers insurance services, making it Canada’s largest bank-owned insurance company. Services offered include life, home, car, health and wealth accumulation solutions.
  • RBC is the 10th largest global investment bank in net profit.
  • Royal Bank of Canada operates the famous RBC Blue Fest, one of Canada’s largest outdoor music festivals. RBC Bluesfest is ranked as one of the most popular and important music festivals in North America.
  • RBC Bluesfest reserves the most famous and important music bands and artists around the world. Some of the past performers include Manuchao, Black Eyed Peas, Black Key, KISS, Sheryl Crow, White Stripes, Skrillex, Tiesto, Peter Frampton, City and Color, Zack Brown, Sound Garden, Bob Dylan, etc. There is. A few.
  • The RBC Bluesfest campaign is worth about $ 1.5 million and will have a significant economic impact on the metropolitan area worth $ 31,469,115 million.
  • RBC Bluesfest media coverage includes over 5 hours of a television broadcast, 7 radio broadcast homes, and over 250 printed articles.
  • RBC generates more than $ 51 million Canadians each year for a variety of charitable activities, including the environmental community, while generating $ 27.4 billion annually.
  • Newsweek International’s “Green Ranking” ranked Canadian Royal Bank one of the 2012 “Green” companies.
  • RBC’s Wealth Management provides clients with advice, experience, technology, investment programs, and available options and recommends them by analyzing each client’s unique needs individually. Banking services also provide advice on protecting wealth and assets and how to share them.
  • Catie Tobin is currently the director of RBC Advisory Services.

Royal Bank offers clients a wide range of investment programs. Programs range from cash management solutions to fee-based disaggregated services, personal retirement accounts, simplified employee pension plans, and investment security plans.