Excellent Credit


Having an amazing credit card in your pocket is the most wonderful thing ever as it not only gives you many offers and discounts but also special accesses and bonus returns that might help you financially. There are many credit cards offered by finance companies, banks, and unions that feature cashback offers, air miles, comprehensive insurance coverage, low foreign transfer or transaction fees, promotional welcome period offer, bonus points and many more.

  • Scotia Momentum ® Visa Infinite Card: This card offers a 10 % cashback for the first three months on all purchases along with an interest rate of 20.99 % and a bank transfer rate of 22.99 %. Not only does it have a 4 % cashback on groceries and gas but also other services such as car rental discounts, flight delay insurance, travel accident insurance, concierge services, protection for illness, lockout, job loss or disability.
  • Simply Cash ™ American Express: The purchase rate of this card is 19.99 % along with a funds transfer rate of 19.99%, moreover it has no annual fee. Other benefits provided by this card are car rental theft, damage coverage, promotional balance transfer, shopping discounts, cash rewards for entertainment and travel purposes and a special 5 % cashback during the first six months promotional period.
  • Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card: This card can be considered if you are looking for a card with no annual fees but good returns as it offers 0.5 % cash back on regular purchases and 2% cash back on other eligible purchases.
  • Scotiabank ® Gold American Express ®: This credit card is considered as the best travel card as it is an amazing choice for customers with no credit history as on the first $1000 purchase in the welcoming first three months you earn 20,000 Scotia Reward points as a bonus, a bank transfer rate of 22.99 %, cash advance rate of 22.99% and a purchase rate of 19.99 % for only a minimum annual fee of $120.
  • BMO World Elite ™ Master Card ®: You can take advantage of host added benefits and several reward points with this card with a minimal annual fee of $150. Not only are the rates eye-catching, but the perks such as complimentary lounge access, medical coverage, travel coverage, roadside assistance and a welcome bonus of 35000 reward points on a purchase of $3000 during the first three months welcome period.
  • Home Trust Preferred Visa: This card has an exemption on foreign transfer fees and has guaranteed hotel bookings, roadside assistance, 1 % money back as well as other coverage such as auto rental loss and collision with cash advance rate of 19.99 %, the Purchase rate of 19.99% and a grace period of 21 days.
  • Rogers ™ Platinum Master Card ®: The foreign transaction fee is 2.5 % of the amount, balance transfer and cash advance rate of 21.5 %, the purchase rate of 19.99 % all with no annual fee at all of this card offered by Rogers bank along with other benefits.
  • Scotia Bank Platinum American Express ®: This card is well known for its insurance coverage and it also offers 1 point for 1$ spent on entertainment, dining, groceries, gas and other purchases and no travel limitations. It has a large variety of insurance coverage including trips, flights, medical, lost belongings, etc. at an annual fee of $399.00.
  • BMO Cashback World Elite Master Card ®: This has a less annual fee of $120 as compared to the previous option along with a host of insurance as well as other perks such as cashback offers, emergency medical coverage, extended warranty, purchase protection, but the annual requirement of this card is $ 80000 for individual users and $ 150000 for household cardholders. It provides 1.5 % cashback on all purchases made through the card, purchase interest rate of 19.99 % and cash advance interest of 22.99 %. 
  • Scotia Bank Learn ™ Visa Card: This card is beneficial and useful to students that offer student visas allowing credit build-up with responsible use and timely payments with no annual fees, money back offers and several other discounts on card usages. It also provides insurance and coverage for unexpected events such as sudden death, critical illness, loss of employment and many more.
  • Scotia Bank Scene ® Visa Card: This allows the users to earn reward points that can be later redeemed on eligible regular purchases as well as special offers such as $200 returns on movies in a month against 1000 points, $500 on regular purchases with points of 2500. To one’s delight, it has no annual fee, cash advance interest rates are 22.99%, Purchase interest rates are 19.99% and a minimal annual income requirement of the user or cardholder to be of $12000.
  • Refresh Financial Secured Visa Credit Card: If you have bad credit, don’t worry as you can still enjoy the benefits of a credit card with competitive interest rates and a very low annual fee of just $12.95 with their Refresh Financial Secure Visa Credit Card. Almost everyone who applies gets approved and also gets a financial intelligence training program which includes short movies to teach the users about handling their financial status and managing all financial related matters. 

Here you have a list of all types of credit cards for bad credit users, students, cards with the best insurance coverage, cards with low or no foreign transaction fees, travel credit cards along with other best credit cards available for use in Canada for you to study and decide which one works best for your requirements. Having an excellent credit card score can help one choose almost any credit card you want but make sure to study the credit cards in detail to make sure it meets your financial needs and requirements by studying the card’s rewards, annual fees, and welcome bonuses.  So, make a wise move by considering all the aspects of these credit cards.