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Top Cashback cards And how they work?

Cashback is an innovative way to shop both at affiliated shops and with online mode. The English term “cashback” can be translated as “money return “; in fact, this system allows each buyer to get back a certain percentage of the amount spent. One of the most interesting advantages is that, after a certain number of purchases, consumers can be credited with new sums with which they can conclude other interesting purchases and expenses online or at affiliated physical exercises.

Best CashBack Cards 2020

Thanks to credit or prepaid cards, you can carry out any operation, from online shopping to shopping, from top-up by telephone to wire transfers, from money transfer to currency exchange, an indispensable tool in your daily life. Also, some types of cards offer you something more, since if you use them to make purchases, you will have a profit in terms of reimbursement of a% of your shopping. The term used is that of Cashback card, which can be translated literally with the meaning of receiving cashback.

The system is very simple: if you have a card that has this type of option, the moment you make a transaction, you will receive a percentage of the purchase value back. It is important not to confuse cashback with the concept of discount, as they are two different things. When you carry out the operation on which the cashback is applied, you will have to pay the entire amount connected to the object you are buying, and only later will you receive the expected percentage. The big advantage will be to be able to accumulate money and then reuse it, withdrawing it directly or using it for new commercial operations.

How Cashback Works?

In the buying and selling sector, the term Cashback card is increasingly widespread,   which means “money back.” It is practically the reimbursement of a percentage of a purchase made by credit card or debit card. The same government is evaluating the possibility of introducing cashback for shopkeepers and families to reduce tax evasion. For example, those who use their credit card or debit card to purchase a product or service would pay the same VAT as those who paid in cash, but at the end of the month, they would receive a part of the VAT paid and get a discount.

Cashback is a phenomenon that has imposed itself in Italy since 2017 and has spread like wildfire in all sectors:

  • from travel sites
  • to sporting goods sites
  • from clothing sites
  • to electronics sites

The system works so well that even many physical stores offer cashback offers with the issue of coupons to be used for subsequent purchases.

Cashback sites were born, among which the best is, which enter into commercial agreements with e-commerce portals from which they get a commission for all purchases made with their brokerage. Subsequently, the sum obtained is divided with the buyer who made the purchase and who can count on an economic return based on the close agreement with the online store. All parties benefit from it: the Cashback card site earns on every purchase made through its brokerage; the e-commerce site sells its products by strengthening and expanding its customer network; the customer buys products he needs with the certainty of recovering a part of the money spent.

To take advantage of the Cashback card, the customer must reach a minimum purchase threshold, a condition that allows the e-commerce portal to have a certain number of guaranteed sales and to be able to retain its customers. If necessary, buyers through the referral system can obtain even greater advantages if they invite other friends to use the cashback service.

Cashback has had such a boom that it is possible to take advantage of this service by using a particular type of cashback credit card, global online cashback platforms, or digital payment systems. The operation is identical to that explained so far, and users can get a percentage of cashback on purchases made in affiliated stores. The cashback credit cards are particularly suitable for those who make several online purchases since the savings are directly proportional to spending.


Today several cards offer the possibility of making the cashback, some on a wide category of purchases, others instead only for sectoral activities. Below we list the most used ones thanks to a combination of product quality and advantages if you buy. The best credit and prepaid cards that offer cashback in 2020 are:

  • Hype Plus card (prepaid)
  • Revolut Metal (prepaid)
  • American Express Blue Card (credit card)


It is a very suitable English IBAN card if you travel a lot and are away from home. In the top version, the Metal version, among the exclusive services connected to the activation of this product, there is also a very advantageous cashback. It applies to any type of expense you make and provides for a percentage equal to 0.1% for transactions made in Italy and Europe, while the value rises to 1% for all purchases that you make abroad. Among the peculiarities of the Revolut Metal card, there will be the possibility to withdraw the cashback in one of the multiple currencies present on it, including possibly the exchange in cryptocurrency contained in the wallet.


One of the most convenient prepaid cards both as regards the quality of services, and for the possibility of obtaining an economic return when you make purchases. The Cashback card Hype is applied to a wide range of products. Just access the app to be able to highlight those on which it is active. You will have the opportunity to get from a minimum of 1% up to a maximum of 10%. To use the individual sums obtained, however, you must first reach the minimum amount of € 10 and then be able to request the transfer of money to the account. Also, the operation can only be carried out once a month.


American Express is one of the most important payment circuits, always careful to offer its customers a series of advantageous products. The Blue American Express card is an example of this with a cashback that applies to all purchases you make with your card and which is realized with a value equal to 1% of the amount spent. The credit will be credited directly to the account 12 months after the activation of the card, but only if you have an active contract and if all payments are regular.


Satispay is a platform that lays its foundations on the idea of being the basis for making purchases through which to obtain an economic advantage. It is linked to a prepaid card that can be used in more than 70 thousand operators in Italy, both online and real. For each purchase, a cashback is applied, which may vary according to the types of shops and initiatives proposed.