Comparing Mortgage Broker Vs Bank- Which Is Better?

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The mortgage broker has access to multiple different lenders and could suggest a variety of interest rates along with policies and requirements. Whereas, Bank has it’s completely original mortgage rates as well as mortgage program. The downside of a bank is you could miss better interest rates or offers that could be available with other banks. Visiting a mortgage broker could save you a lot of time to search for the most competitive mortgage interest rate.

Still, depending on the circumstances, one of the two options could be better for you. Credit score plays a big role here- Those owning higher credit score and others with lower credit score has to make their alternate choice out of Bank or Mortgage broker.

Before comparing Mortgage Broker and Bank, knowing about how both these works are crucial. Let’s begin with knowing the in-depth working of Banks in providing of the Mortgage.

Banks generally use their money to provide the mortgage or to fund the loan. There are employees and staff working for the same company, following the same rules and options of the program offered by the bank to serve the mortgage. Now, no negotiations and deductions on the bank program could be applied but the exact mortgage is served. Different banks have different mortgage programs, surfing multiple bank offerings shall help to find the most suitable mortgage program.

Talking about the Mortgage Brokers

Brokers have a deal with various wholesale lenders, they have access to many products at different price points. This gives an extra edge value over the banks because one needs to visit or talk just one broker such as to enclose the best mortgage program available.

Remember, brokers are not working free but they do earn commissions or percentages in their interests. However, only a single broker could reveal you with every best deal yet it is better to cross-check with multiple brokers to find out the best offerings.

Pros and Cons of Mortgage Banking Over Mortgage Brokers


The bank is a well-established institution that definitely assists very easily in every situation making it a very smooth process for the mortgage applicant. Least knowledge is required to work with the bank as there is always a defined mortgage program without any occurrences of negotiations or any added costs by the end staff.

It is true that Banks may provide lower pricing and mortgage brokers often end up more costly.


Banks provide information about only those products that they sell. Thus, it is more probable to lose the offerings which would have been best suited indeed. Shopping aggressively is highly required to find out the perfect program through different bank offerings.

Getting approval can be really hard sometimes, no matter how excellent is your financial history or score.

Pros and Cons of Mortgage Brokers Over Banks


Get access to specialized products and different offerings very easily in one step by getting in touch with the broker.

It is easier to negotiate with the brokers and getting to the best deals is really quick.

It usually is really easy to get the mortgage passed through the broker whereas banks could often reject the application irrespective of compatible credit score and other mandatory aspects.


Brokers may be more expensive, this is due to their ability to process even complex loans. Apart from that, the brokers do add their high profits to the processing fees, interest rates, etc.

Brokers are just like sales members for wholesale lenders and have very little control over the actual regulations and products. Ultimately, the lender is only going to finalize the file and brokers have nothing to do with it.

Broker loans can take a long time to be finalized or the closure to the deal could take long term.

Do not resist to get quotes and then making a comparison from both the sources to filter out the best, the difference might surprise you sometimes. Asking your friends or know who has already experience with banks or brokers would be useful. Overall, it highly depends on the factors like your credit score, documents, down payment, etc, that all decide whether a bank or broker could provide you the most suitable mortgage. Conclusion- If your application is including challenges then the broker is definitely the one whom you should visit. But to get the best experience of processing mortgage irrespective of slight high rates then banking is a must go!

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